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This permissions issue is fairly common from users who aren't familiar with the functionality of apps, so it's often disconcerting to them when they see all the capabilities listed in a way that implies a breach of privacy.

The majority of these permissions refer to actions that the user would initiate—such as calling the business directly from the app, or emailing a photo to the business through one of our available features. Basically, the permissions allow you to integrate the app with your device's functions so that it's a more user-friendly experience. Rather than locate the business phone number, you can click "Call" from our app and your phone will automatically dial the number.

GPS tracking is the only action that's not necessarily self-initiated. This tracking makes tools like analytics and push notifications more functionally adept, and in no way allows the app owner to monitor specific users' locations, since they're simply pinpoints on a map. We don't access this information nor is it shared—it's simply a way to interact more effectively and conveniently with the app.


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