Step 1 : Log into the Orders2me Restaurant Dashboard

Step 2: Click "Restaurant Information" & then hover over the "Settings" button at top header of menu bar & select "Delivery Settings"

*Please Note*: Delivery Settings will be an available option under Settings on top menu bar ONLY if you've selected delivery as an option under General Settings


Step 3: We offer 3 options for setting up your Delivery Settings, just check the one you want to use: 

1. Delivery Radius - Simply, the radius, in miles that you deliver to.


2. Delivery Zones - This option will give you a Google Map of the general surrounding area around your restaurant and allow you to highlight which areas you deliver to.

You can use the toolbar at the top of the map to draw shapes to indicate your delivery areas. To remove a delivery area, right click on the shape to delete it. 

The hand icon allows you to move the map around.

The box icon allows you to draw a square/rectangle area to indicate delivery areas.

The shaped icon to the right allows you to indicate a delivery area that may need a little more flexibility as opposed to the standard square/ rectangular box icon.

You can also set different delivery zone fees for each zone. And amounts of time it will take to deliver to each zone.


3. Zip/Post Codes - This option allows you to to enter certain delivery zip codes which you offer delivery too. You also have the option to setup if the delivery fees and time vary based off of zip/post codes. You can even choose to set specific order minimums based off of zip codes.
Note: You can not have both a general delivery fee and zone-specific delivery fees. If you have both neither will be applied
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