Follow these steps to set up your Aldelo POS system

Step 1 : Log in to your Orders2me account (certain information is required to connect with your Aldelo system.)

Step 2 : Download our Aldelo Integration App. Follow install instructions. This app will connect your Orders2me menu to your existing Aldelo POS system.

Step 3 : You will need to enter a Secret Key and your specific Restaurant ID. You must be logged in to your Orders2me account to access this information which is at the very bottom of page under the Receiving Your Orders. 

Step 4 : Assign a POS Employee ID on the Aldelo POS Integration app on your computer (somewhere for the orders to get recognized). You can select from a drop-down list of your existing employees.

Step 5 : Determine which tickets to print (select any or all of these: Kitchen Tickets, Bar Receipts, Guest Checks). Make sure to click Save Settings.

Step 6 : Log into your Orders2me account. From the Dashboard select Receiving Orders. Enable the checkbox under Integrations for Enable POS Integration & select Aldelo. Click Save Order Receiving Settings to save this change.

Your POS system must be connected to the Internet to receive orders from Orders2me.


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