Creating coupons is very simple & effective. Helps build brand loyalty & helps retain your existing customers. 

Follow these steps to create a coupon

-Log into your Orders2me Account

-Select Coupons from the dashboard 


-Click Add Coupon


-Give your coupon a name & short description

-Choose if coupon will be flat dollar amount off or a % of the food order

-Choose if coupon applies free delivery or a free item once used on order

-Choose hours/dates for coupon to be effective

-Specify if there is a minimum order amount to use the coupon

-Decide on how many times a customer can use the same coupon code

-Decide on how many people can use this coupon code

-Specify if there is a maximum number of uses per day for the coupon

-Choose certain order type option of coupon code to be applied (takeout, delivery or both)

-Make sure to hit Submit to save coupon 





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