Registering your Restaurant with Orders2me

*Required Fields

Follow the below step by step directions to register your restaurants basic settings to get started with Orders2me

*Step 1 : Input your restaurant name

Step 2 : Enter restaurant description

*Step 3 : Enter the restaurant phone number which will show on menu, client receipts, etc..

*Step 4 : Enter your restaurant url from your website.

Make sure to include http: before your website address

If you don't have a website - input the following

Step 5 : Add a logo for your restaurant (if you have one)

*Step 6 : Enter the sales tax to apply to online orders in decimal format.

For example 8.875 - DO NOT ENTER %

*Step 7 : Select the currency in which you accept payments from the dropdown list

*Step 8 : Select if your restaurant offers takeout and/or delivery

*Step 9 : If you selected Delivery, additional options will become available for you to choose if you have a delivery fee, what is the delivery minimum & if you offer a free delivery amount

*Step 10 : Order Lead Time - input the amount of minutes it will take to prep the food.

-If your customer selects pick-up, that will be the time customer will be notified when their order will be ready. 

-If your customer selects they want their order via delivery, the order lead time will be combined with the amount of time it will take to deliver the food. 

*Step 11 : Extra Delivery Time - the amount of minutes to be added to order lead time when a customer selects Delivery. 

Step 12 : Allow Advanced Orders - offers your customers the ability of ordering their food for a later time.

For example; logging on to your website at 12:00PM EST & choosing to order dinner for 7:00PM EST. 

Step 13 : Your reply to email address on customer receipts  - this will be the email address your responses will be sent from. 

*Step 14 : Inputting your restaurant location :

Input the building address & street name followed by your zip code & hit Lookup Address (this will automatically fill your city, state, country, time zone & your GPS coordinates for accurate proximity zones)

View example below


*Step 15 : Hours

You can set separate hours for pickup & delivery. 

Your also able to select specific hours of the day to be closed for business such as time between lunch & dinner.

View example below

Step 16 : Closed Days gives you the ability to close your restaurant for specific days in advance so you don't have to manually log in & turn your system off when you're closed.

This feature is great for specific days such as holidays.

Click the date you want to be closed & make sure you see a red box around the specified date. Example below.

Step 17 : Order Timing - if you'd like to have the system update the order prep time for your orders based off of volume of orders received per hour or for specific hours of the day that you know you are extremely busy with business & need the system to update your customers accordingly. 



If you have any questions - feel free to contact your account manager.




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