Step 1: Login to the Orders2me dashboard and click "Restaurant Information."


Step 2: Scroll down to "Order Timing" and click "Varies by Order Volume."


Step 3: Enter the threshold where if the amount of orders passes this threshold, order time will increase. (Ex: if threshold is 10, the order time will increase on the 11th order.)

Step 4: Enter the new Total Time it will take to complete the order after the threshold is passed. You can make multiple thresholds for each order type. (See picture) 

Note: Pick-up and delivery thresholds are completely independent from each other. If you get 15 delivery orders and no pickup orders only the delivery time will increase. 

Step 5: Click "Add Threshold" next to "Pick-Up" and "Delivery" to make another threshold. 

Step 6: When finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save Settings."

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