Step 1: Login to the Orders2me dashboard & click the menu icon or menu at top left side of header bar. (For info on how refer to How do I access the back-end of my menu to change items and settings?)


Step 2: Find the item you want to change the available times for and click "Edit."


Step 3: Scroll down to "Available Days/ Times" and check the box beneath it labeled "This item is only available during certain hours/days."


Step 4: New bars will appear allowing you to change the times which your item is available for.

Step 5: To not allow an item to be bought on a certain day, check the "Not available on X day" box. (See Thursday above)

Step 6: Times can be changed by dragging the boxes directly under the day you want to change the times for. (See Tuesday above)

Note: Times are quantized to only allow them to be changed in 15 minute intervals. (Ex: 6:15, 8:45) 

Step 7: Scroll down to "Save Menu Item" and click. The times your item will be available will now be changed to your choice

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