Step 1: Login in to the Orders2me dashboard. (For info on how refer to How do I access the back-end of my menu to change items and settings?)

Step 2: Click on menu.


Step 3: Click on the category you want to limit the times for.

Step 4: Click on "Days/Times" above your category's first item. 


Note: The page below will open.

Step 5: Remove the check in the box besides "Use Normal Business hours."

Step 6: Check the "Not available on X day" box to disable the category from being ordered on that day. (See Thursday above)

Step 7: Drag the boxes beneath a day to set when the category is available to order. (See Tuesday above)

Note: The times you can set to be available in quantized to 15 minute intervals. (Ex: 6:15, 8:45)

Step 8: When finished click "Save Category Times" to save the times you chose to allow the customer to order from the specific category.

This option is great for categories such as Lunch Specials which are only available certain times of day or limited on days. 

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