How to find Reporting- Login to the Orders2me dashboard and click "Reporting."

Note: Dates can be set for the data to show on the top right-hand side of the page.

Info that can be found in Reporting:

1. Amount of Transactions- Number of sales. Shows total, and amounts for takeout and delivery. 

2. Sales- Total amount of money made on sales. Shows total, and amounts for takeout and delivery. 

3. Sales- Amount of sales, total money made, average amount of money per order, and the total tax on all the orders.

4. Sales by Order Type- How many takeout and delivery sales were made. And how much money you made off them in total.


5. Sales by Payment Type- Amount of money made from cash and gives each type of credit card. Also shows tips

6. Revenue by Item- Shows amount of money made on top-selling items. Also the percentage of money related to the whole. Can be seen in a pie or bar graph

7. Best Customers- Shows customers who spent the most money on your website. Can also see customers who ordered the most times.

8. Number of Sales by Item- Shows the amount of items sold for the top few selling items.

9. New Customers- Gives the names of customers who are new to your store and the amount they spent.

10. Order Funnel- Shows the amount of people who went through the process and got to different stages on your website.

11. Weekly Items- A download of which items were ordered in a week on your menu.

12. Notifications- Allows you to toggle sales reports you receive to your email address.

13. Orders by App- Shows where your orders came from. (Web, Facebook, App)

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