Step 1: Login to the Orders2me dashboard and click "Menu." (For info on how refer to How do I access the back-end of my menu to change items and settings?)


Step 2: Find your item by clicking on its category and scrolling to the item. Click "Edit."


Step 3: Scroll down to "Options" and click "Add Option."

Step 4: A window will pop up asking questions about your option. Go to "Copy an Existing Option" and click on the drop-down menu.


Step 5: The drop-down menu will say every option your menu has in order of categories, then items. Click on the option you want to copy to your curent item.

Note: The option you want to copy must already be created so you may copy it.

Step 6: Click "Create Option" to copy the option once you chose the existing option.

Note: If you'd like to change the values in the option you copied you must click "Edit Values" and make the necessary changes. 

Step 7: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save Menu Item" to apply the chosen option to your menu.

Note: If you want to create an option for every item in a category it is more efficient to create category-wide options for the category.

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