Step 1: Login to the Orders2me dashboard and click "Menu." (For info on how refer to How do I access the back-end of my menu to change items and settings?)


Step 2: Go to the item you want to create a dependent option for and click "Edit."


Step 3: Create 2 options. The dependent option and the independent option which the other option will be dependent on. (For info on how to create an option see here- How do I create options?)

Step 4: Go to the option you want to be dependent and click "Depends on Option."


Step 5: Click on the menu and choose the options that you want your dependent option to be dependent on.


Step 6: Click "Save" when finished and scoll down and click "Save Menu Item." Option will now only be allowed to be chosen if the dependent options are chosen.

Note: This is useful for a situation where a customer can choose between an item and a side as an option for ordering a particular item. Making the sides option dependent on the choice of side will only allow the sides option to be shown if the customer chose a side and not a particular item.

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