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Mapping my POS items

Step 1: Login to the Orders2me dashboard and click "Menu." (For info how refer toHow Do I Access The Back-End Of My Menu To Change Items And Settings?

Step 2: Go to the top of the page and hover your cursor over "Settings." Click "POS Settings."

Step 3: To map an item click the drop down bar next to an item/modifier. Type in its name and match the menu item with the POS item.

Step 4: Start mapping category-wide options. It will save a lot of time, rather than mapping options within every item.



Step 5: When done mapping items on every page click "Save POS Values."

Step 6: When finished mapping category-wide options move on to "Individual Items Mapping."

Step 7: Map all the items and their particular options. You should be going through categories with this and category-wide while mapping. Map all menu items until completed.

Note: If pages are too large to load, map each item individually through the menu. Go to an item on the menu and click "POS."


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