When a customer enters their credit card on checkout - they are required to enter their billing address & zip code EXACTLY as it appears with their bank. If they don't - we generate a log of their order under Reports>Failed Payments showing what orders failed. 

Important Note

If an order notification doesn't go out then the charge was never processed. There may be orders under the failed payments report tab but that doesn't mean that charges went through, it simply means we ATTEMPTED to validate the information that the client submitted on their order with their bank but we couldn't as it didn't match, that's why order shows there as a failed payment. Client may see a Pending charge on file with their card provider that is considered an Authorization but due to their failed validation of billing information - that pending charge will fall off in 24-72 hours & they won't be charged.

Failed Payments are NOT funded to your account. 

Remember - unless client & restaurant receive notification of an order showing its been Prepaid - their payment did not go through. 

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