We welcome you to build a 3rd party integration with us. We have 3rd party services who had built integrations with us utilizing our Webhooks feature. Orders2me can send HTTP POST notifications to third-party systems when orders are submitted.

This is effectively no-touch from us -- it's all development on your side, should you choose to build an integration into our product. We don't develop any support for your product, but you develop the support for ours.

Webhooks work by, for example, sending data to the third party whenever an order would come in for the restaurant. You then program on your side what to do with the data.

It's simple, here's how a webhook works:
1.) Customer places an order via Orders2me
2.) Our system looks at the restaurant in the database and sees that there is a URL configured to send a webhook to.
3.) We send data regarding the order to the URL that you would have configured to receive the data.
4.) You receive the data at the configured endpoint.


Two order examples are featured below, the first is an order that isn't prepaid & requested for take out. The other is a prepaid order requested for delivery. 

You can see sample order data for 2 orders I placed here:



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