Custom Feedback Actions is a really easy to use tool we've built to help restaurant owners/managers respond to customers who leave positive or negative feedback for their online orders. When creating a Custom Feedback Action, you can easily reply to customers with the click of a button directly from your email.

The below steps will show you how to create these actions in the Orders2me back-office.

Start by going to Settings>Feedback



Scroll down towards the bottom of the page & hit Add Action


This will load the Create Feedback Action


Customize as follows;

Action Name - this is the label that'll be used on your emails to decide what action you're selecting on feedback submissions

Email Subject - this will be the subject line used to respond to customers feedback

Email Message - this is where you can draft your automated responses. You can choose whatever you want the email to display.

We typically suggest making pre-defined actions for certain events that occur. (You can customize as you see fit for your restaurant); 

a. Delivery was late

b. Food was Cold

c. I love your restaurant! 

Send a Coupon - this is where you can select a coupon from your existing list of coupons to auto-assign to emails. 

Make sure to hit Save Settings at the bottom of the page. The actions should display at the bottom of your Settings>Feedback page as such:


Now sit back until you see a new feedback email so you can put your actions to work! Just click the appropriate button & it will send your email.  

Example of what that email would look like is below



This is what the email the customer receives looks like when I selected the custom action 'I love your restaurant':


As you'll notice the action is attached to a coupon code above 'THANKS' - which auto-generated a custom coupon code to ensure the customer never sees that main code & can't share this custom offer with friends. 

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