To add calorie counts for each individual item on your online ordering menu, follow the below steps.

Follow the below steps to enable the calorie counts & add them for each item
Enabling Calorie Counts
From the top menu select Settings>Menu/Checkout Settings
Scroll to the bottom part of the page & check off the Enable Calorie Display checkbox If desired, customize the calorie label, adds prefix for modifiers, or footer text for the succinct statement of calorie information Click the Save Settings button to save your settings

Once you've enabled the calorie counts checkbox,you will now need to enter calorie information for the menu items.

From the top menu, select Menu

On the left-hand column below the categories, click the button labeled Calorie Counts

For each item and modifier, enter the calorie value. You don't need to enter the suffix, this will be added automatically based off of your previous configuration on Settings>Menu Checkout

For items with a single size and calorie value, you can simply enter the value, like "300"

For items with multiple sizes, you can enter slash-separated values or ranges, such as "150/300" or "150-300"

We recommend entering 0 for items or modifiers with no calories such as water.

Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page & hit Save Nutritional Information
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