If you offer local delivery or takeout of your beer or other liquors, you can enable a Warning prompting customers they will need to verify their ID at door. 

Follow the below steps to enable the ID Alcohol Warning

Navigate to Settings>Menu Checkout Settings



Scroll towards the bottom of the page until you see the Alcohol Warning Title & Alcohol Warning Text fields

For our demo, we've added;

Title: ID Required for Alcohol

Text: Your order contains alcoholic items, and you will be required to show an ID to receive your order. If you do not have ID available, you will not receive your order.

Make sure to hit Save Settings at the bottom of the page. 

Now that you've enabled the warnings on your account, you'll need to assign it to the specific items on the menu. 

Navigate to your menu item & hit edit

Scroll to the bottom of the screen & hit Advanced Information

Right above the Save Settings button - you'll notice a checkbox called 'Contains Alcohol'

Make sure to check this box off & hit Save Menu Item.

This is how the warning will display to users adding the item to their cart:



When users go to check out, they'll be prompted with the following message for confirmation

They'll need to click I understand to proceed & be prompted with the ID warning again prior to entering their information to checkout


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