Orders2me is not responsible for Chargebacks that may occur.

But we do recommend some precautionaries that are critical in helping reduce Chargebacks.

- We always suggest that anytime you take Credit or Debit Card transactions that you verify the Customers ID and Physical Credit/Debit Card.

- Require customers to input not only their Street Address but also the correct City, State, and Zip code that is used for billing purposes. 

- Keep your DBA (Doing Business As) + your phone number on the billing statement so that people know who is charging them and have your number so they can contact you.

Also, see what you can do from the Orders2me backend dashboard if you experience this problem. 


- Ban customers who are hitting you with Chargeback. Unless there was an honest mistake of a chargeback, only you though will be able to determine that. Our System picks up IP addresses, last four digits, addresses, phone numbers, emails so the customer will not be able to order from you again using that IP addresses, last four digits, addresses, phone numbers, emails. 



- To mark someone's fraud scoring, we have a feature for that to:



If you do get a chargeback reach out and see what you need to try and appeal it. Use these precautions to help keep customers chargebacks at bay. 


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