Follow these steps to create modifier prefixes in your Micros database to use with your online ordering account.

They’re defined in Menu Items.

Usually we’d create: No, Extra, Double, Light, Add.

(The restaurant may have other terms for these, like “Easy” instead of “Light”)

When creating prefixes, select:

  • Menu Item Class: The prefix class found or created earlier
  • Menu Level Class: All Levels (or something similarly named)
  • Print Class: Compare to another modifier. They may want some of them, like “No,” to print in red -- if that’s the case, it’s controlled via the print class
  • Reporting Tab, Report Groups: Compare to another modifier


By default, the condiment prefix prints on its own line, like:

Under Order Devices, find the order device in question (or just do for all), go under Options, and select Print on Condiment’s Line

This will make the condiment print on the same line, like:


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