Online ordering is here to stay for restaurants. Not solely the realm of pizza and Chinese food anymore, ordering from home and having your food show up at your door has become the standard method of ordering food for millions of Americans, and that number keeps growing every year.

After signing up with your Restaurant Success Manager, you can follow the guide below to get a branded iPhone app, built and developed by our team here at Orders2me.

Step 1: Create a business Apple ID.

note: If you already have an Apple ID using your business domain email, please skip to Step 3.

To start you will need to Create an Apple ID using a business domain extension address (ex.

Once you have created an Apple ID, they will send you 6-digit confirmation code, enter the code.


Finally, click on ‘Verify’ to create your Apple ID.


  • You must enable two-factor authentication to be turned on to enroll in the Program. It is important to point out that this is different from two-step authentication. 

Step 3: Using your newly created Apple ID, complete your Apple Developer form.

  • Sign in with your Apple ID onto the Apple Developer page.

  • Select “Company/Organization” from the Entity Type section bar.

    • note: DO NOT select “Individual/Sole Proprietor/Single Person Business.” - IF YOU DO THIS WILL CAUSE SIGNIFICANT DELAYS

you must have the authorization as a company signee 

When it asks for your organization’s number, input the best number Apple can reach you at.

Proceed to fill out the ‘Organization Information’ section. Here, you will input your restaurant’s DUNS number.

  • Note: If you don't have a DUNS number you can signup for one here: D-U-N-S: Dun & Brad Street.  After you input your DUNS number, you may see an error message that states, “This organization could not be verified as a legal entity…”  This means you may have to update your DUNS business profile


Step 4: Verify your Apple Developer account.

Callback from Apple: Once you submit the enrollment form, an Apple representative will call the phone number you provided. The following information will be needed:  

  • Note: You should receive a call with 24-48 hours (business days). If you do not, request a call back from Apple by going to the contact us page.

  • Your First and Last name

  • Date of birth

  • A secondary contact person for this Apple Developer account

Receive an email to accept terms: After the successful verification call, you will get an email from Apple containing a license agreement. Select “Review Now” in the email and continue through the terms. After agreeing, you will land on the payment page.

Complete your payment for the Apple Developer Program: You’ll see a final cost of $99 and have the option to select auto-renewal for this annual $99 fee for your developer account. We recommend you signup for auto-renewal to prevent any mishaps, but it is up to you. We do ask you to stay on top of this though if you decide not to select this option. 

Step 5: Invite Orders2me as a contributor.

First, invite Orders2me to your new App Store Connect account.

  • Note: Be sure to select both “Admin” in addition to “Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.”

  • Log in to App Store Connect with your Apple ID.

  • Select “Users and Access” and click on the + symbol to add a contributor. Enter “Orders2me” in the “Name” field, and in the “Email Address”  field, enter

  • Screen_Shot_2019-08-05_at_4.12.32_PM.png

Second, confirm with our support team that an email has been received!

At this point, please call or email Orders2me -- or  1-212-586-8198 ext. 2 in order to make sure the invite was received properly. Once we have received and accepted the invite, we will take it from here to build and publish your app.


Finally!!! Once the App is published our App Support Team will let you know! 


If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to our support team simply by sending us an email 

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